Thursday, 3 February 2011

100 Days.. part 3

June 29th, Tuesday - Dalston Junction - 6.30pm - Just off the bus on the way to dinner with my dear friends, my 'date' for the evening (on hire) is the amazing Bea Sweet. This mural is 'so her' - so a real MUST. X

June 30th, Wednesday, 4.45pm - West End. Haribo Castings. Attitude.

July 1st, Thursday 7.55pm MARRAKECH - I sat on my first day in the square and watched the dancers perform for the western tourist as the sun sets. Mixed feelings spread through me as I follow the flowing white cotton and swirl of bodies.

July 2nd, Friday, 7.30pm MARRAKECH - Day two... and yes she is loaded and ready! Henna to the ready. I thought I had got away without being branded by the henna ink but sadly no, her demon twin grabbed my hand and covered it in strange symbols resembling 666

July 3rd, Saturday, 2.30pm MARRAKECH - This sits just outside the entrance to the Kasbar.. love at first sight

July 4th, Sunday 12noon MARRAKECH -' that picture postcard image'... love the shadows that fall behind the signage

July 5th, Monday, 6.45pm MARRAKECH - The Tooth Fairy in person. Now I know why I am scared of the dentist

July 6th, Tuesday, 10.30am MARRAKECH - Love love this. The decaying beauty, the romance of the colours and designs. Love Love Love.

July 7th, Wednesday. 2.30pm MARRAKECH - a tranquil hide away. A school for pupils of Ben Youssef. We followed the green tiled roofs in a maze. There were about 100 small rooms off the square for the students. It had an amazing feeling being there. - The Medersa Ben Youssef is an example of 16th century Andalusian-Arab architecture. It was originally built as a religious college and was in use as such until the 1960s. It is now fully restored and contains a beautiful marble washing pool, as well as some fine examples of wood, plaster and stuuco work

July 8th, Thursday. 6.15pm MARRAKECH - The Loos. I became obsessed with the WC signs that were mostly handpainted on various walls. Love the large piles of water bottles on sale outside

july 9th, Friday - 10.30pm - Angel. Act Art. The omelette girl.

July 10th, Saturday - 2.45pm Belsize Park. Lorenzo, my Italian Husband and ex flatmate moved out today in the blazing heat to a shoebox of a bedsit. Surrounded by over 40 black binliners sipping MY champagne, we celebrate being in his new home. I missed him the moment I left him.

July 11th, Sunday -3.20pm, Wellingborough. Natalie's 18th Birthday, early celebrations out in the heat with The Saxby Clan.

July 12th, Monday - 1.20pm - Finchley Central. I notice this blazing colour bursting out of browning bush. I have no idea what it is but the swirls of silky petals pulled me in.

July 13th, Tuesday - 11am Primrose Hill. Lost In Beauty.

July 14th, Wednesday - 2.25pm Camberwell Green. Marilyn Rose, stepped out of the sudden burst of rain totally lost in thought.

July 15th, Thursday - 8am Latitude, we arrive early to set up camp for the up-and-coming mayhem. The only time of day that the festival was devoid of people.

July 16th, Friday - 9.45pm Latitude - Florence and The Machine on stage and the atmosphere was electric. You So Had The Love..

July 17th, Saturday - 1.30pm Latitude - The House Of Fairytales.. The highlight of my entire time at Latitude. The place blew apart with the help of The House of Blueeyes Love Parade and more so by the powerhouse that are the Ice Cold Idiots. Three 13yr old musical geniuses. rOCk GoDs

July 18th, Sunday - 3pm Latitude - The House of Fairytales. Lead by the amazing duo Robin & Partridge this was for me the best place at the festival. A magical space in the thicket where enchanting creatures kept us entertained throughout the day with music and frantic forest dancing,

July 19th, Monday - 6am Latitude - my last goodbye walk around the grounds before I packed up tent and trudged through the London Underground in the sweltering heat. I did this every morning while I was there, so my adventures started early each day

July 20th, Tuesday - 2.30pm - South Bank stroll. I love SunFlowers. A joy to find nearly a 'field' of them on the side of the car park for the big wheel.

July 21st Wednesday - 6.45pm Shepherds Bush - I have known Johnny Blueeyes for a number of years now. Stylist, Artist, Performer and A Blessed One. Playing infront of the camera is one of Johnny's passion.

July 22nd, Thursday - 9.45pm. Exmouth Market - This Is Serious. A gaggle of comedians hosted by Robin and Partridge in The Mission Hall. The best sketch for comedian Tom Bell on the sick drama stories published in 'Love It'.

July 23rd Friday, 7.30pm Brighton - .. the hazy light and sharp cold breeze off the sea is a perfect end to a perfect day

July 24th, Saturday - 2.45pm Brighton, Pavilion. My second time to see the venue for friends who are going to get married in August. I love the high camp rooms that are filled with golden dragons and mirror encrusted phoeinex's that are suspended high above our heads

JULY 25th, Sunday - 6.45pm. Aaron Jonah lewis - The Stag's Head, Hoxton, London.

July 26th, Monday - 4.40pm Church of St Mary Magdalene, Richmond... Renee.. o baby jesus I think I am gay

July 27th, Tuesday - 2.00pm Richmond near the river..

July 28th, Wednesday - 10.15am - Monument.

July 29th, Thursday - 1.45pm - London Zoo.

July 30th, Friday - 8.30pm Reading. Pebbles and Vicki. I know Pebbles wants to play but she just sits and stares at me. She is the one on the left.

July 31st, Saturday - 5.55pm The Goodlock Wedding.

1st August, Sunday, 3.45pm South Bank - Project Morrinho: Project Morrinho is an ever-growing social project that takes the form of a miniature city built by young people in Rio de Janeiro from brick, paint and other found materials inspired by the landscape, architecture and everyday life of the favelas that span the city.

This new riverside structure is built in collaboration with young people in London, creating a landscape that fuses places and stories – real and imagined – from the tower blocks of Lambeth to the backstreets of Rio de Janeiro.

2nd August, Monday - 12.30pm South Bank - London Life. A Bollywood film is being shot in the skaters park with a small kiddie band. Nothing stops the skaters!! Loving The Mix

3rd August, Tuesday - 12.55pm - Off Brick Lane - I wandered into a square just off Brick Lane and there she was. Love at First Sight

4th August, Wednesday - 3.45pm Waterloo - Caught in the rain was a pleasure as I lusted after 'her'. I WANT.

5th August, Thursday - 8.45pm Soho - Marilyn Rose holds a deadly weapon. (I don't 'do photos' and do you really think I don't know you are trying to grab a pic?!) Very Lee Miller...

6th August, Friday - 5.30pm - Richmond.. Just wandering around getting my barrings as to where I am. Love this church right in the middle of town, almost hidden away from the road.

7th August, Saturday - 2.45pm - Richmond. Love these little flats. Would love to be able to go inside and have a good old nosey around. Some are For Sale, two bed £350,000.

8th August, Sunday - 9am. Richmond. My first morning waking up alone in the house I am sitting. This bed is soo tempting me back in as the day is a tad gloomy and wet. Am excited at the prospect of being in Richmond and my up-and-coming adventures during my two week stay.

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