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100 Days in 2010 - May to August

I was asked to join 5 other artists to record every day for 100 days in a photograph, time and place. Initially I thought this would be an easy task but as the days rolled on, me and my hermit ways I had to really think about 'that image for the day'. I loved the process and when the 100 were over, I strangely felt a loss. I may just start another 100 days soon.

The Images below were part of an exhibition ' We Don't Own It' held in South London in September 2010.

My Love and thanks to Anna Kingston for asking me to join her gang and be part of this amazing project.

'An interactive exhibition incorporating snippets from the lives of 5 artists (a photographer, composer, writer, scenographer, choreographer) over the course of 100 days'.

MAY 1st Saturday - 4.35pm, Embankment Bridge = grey clouds hang heavily over London Town carrying forboding and gallons of rain. Then a torch beam burns it's way through out across the Thames making the landscape look unreal and surreal.

MAY 2nd Sunday - 6.45pm =Stoke Newington - Marie's Birthday : A wish in process. A hard day full of disappointment and expectations. Each year creeps upon us reluctant recipants, filling us with so many mixed emotions.

MAY 3rd Monday -12noon = Peckham: Carpet of Pink. On my way to the bus stop I am drawn the pulsating pink rug that covers the lawn. The soft petals of the apple blossom brings to life the otherwise drab, often brown patch of grass.

MAY 4th Tuesday - 2.30pm = OO the wonder and delight. on Walworth Road sits a huge shop of hair and hair and hair. Acres of it. I wasn't allowed to take photos inside so here I am, mezmerised by all the wigged heads in the window.

MAY 5th Wednesday - 3.30pm = The world of make up artist and Bea Sweet. In the basement of the Cafe de Paris Bea is on call for the entire day with brushes and lippy in hand.

MAY 6th Thursday - 11.20a.m = Peckham High Street.' Life is a Lottery'. I walk past this every time I walk into Peckham and love the life it potentially has. Condoms, a Lottery ticket and a bottle of Stout. Heaven.

MAY 7th Friday - 3.25pm. Bickley = Karen Bell, one half of the duo Twin & Tonic is carrying her first child, a girl. A C section is planned for 19th May so time to photograph mother and child. The baby moved so much at one point I thought she was about to make an exit!

MAY 8th, Saturday - 2.30pm : A dash down a side street in Soho, a huge blue door stands proudly protecting what lies behind it.

May 9th, Sunday - 11am Stoke Newington: waking up at a friends home in this beautiful mexican pinkness. A place I feel safe and can acutally sleep in late, 8am. My dear friends Katie and Bunny's magical home.

May 10th, Monday - 6.30pm Peckham: my haircutting is something I do normally myself, I cut it a couple of days ago leaving a very strange Monkmullet which was in dire need of sorting out. The multi-skilled Bea Sweet came to my flat to sort out it out for me once and for all. BYE MONKMULLET U WILL BE MISSED.

May 11th, Tuesday - 5.30pm Nyreen Jabir in 'The Ladies' at beauty parlour, Lost In Beauty, Primrose Hill. I love the bright pink and the knitted loo roll holder dancer.

May 12th, Wednesday - 6.00pm, Tower Bridge. Comedy duo Charlie and Robin of 'Robin and Partridge'. Great adventures for a couple of hours were had on the high seas.. amazingly perfect light for a dazzling couple of comedians. An Odd Day Was Had By All.

May 13th, Thursday - 3.15pm - Peckham: my darling friend brought her daughter T-Ann Achi Naithan of 20months to visit. Her obsession with the laptop and telephone kept her occupied for two hours until suddenly she got tired. She dragged the blanket off the back of the chair and covered herself up and flopped down still chatting on the phone on my spoon chair.

May 14th, Friday -2.45pm - Dalston; I spot this temptation a sauna for 'Ladies Only Today''; Marilyn Rose, my friend points out that if it's for women with hairy backs perhaps not such a delight as she points to the large photo in the window.

May 15th, Saturday - 7.30pm, Angel, Islington: About to burst, spewing red petals this hairy Alien plant breeds amongst us waiting their time to take us over.

May 16th, Sunday - 4.25pm, Kentish Town. As this leopard stalks her way down the road in blazing colours, I am a little saddened as the Banksy's maid has been swept away

May 17th, Monday - 1.45pm, City Road, Old St. I have walked past this door quite a few times now, only this time I noticed that it is covered in coppers. 1pence and 2pence pieces. Magical and worth a couple of quid!

May 18th Tuesday - 5.45pm, Peckhome: Home: Bored: Period day, feeling totally ugh - had so many plans and then nothing. Not good. Went to see a friend to discuss an upandcoming project then the pains kicked in. So home: Camera: Me

May 19th Wednesday - 4.45pm Tower Bridge - Marie O'Brien - under the boardwalk down by the sea... The strangeness of the Thames, the salt air teases the senses and suddenly the search for fish'n chips and a pint becomes a must.

May 20th Thursday - 6.15pm Stoke Newington - house-sitting my favourite home. Bird song and sunbeams fill me with much delight at the prospect of my weekend stay. Remains of cigars evoking memories of long tales that fill the long light evenings.

May 21st Friday - 2.30pm Columbia Road - strange not seeing the road filled with flower stalls and herds of people. Shops and cafes wait til the weekend when they will be crammed full of hungry shoppers.

May 22nd Saturday - 1.30pm nr Tower Bridge. The vibrant green seaweeded frames hide the unknown pipe on virgin sand that lies hidden from the passer-by. Strangely comforting.

May 23rd Sunday - 10.30am Stoke Newington: House-sitting. it is interesting what you find in other people's sheds. On the window ledge two faces stare out, no one knows their history or why they are there. Did the vintage woman in the frame think she would end up sitting next to a bodyless face?

May 24th Monday - 4.30pm Whitby. Three little faces stare down at me as I walk past. They remind me of The Day Of The Dead.

May 25th Tuesday - 2.35pm, West End - Castings for MTV ad. He walked in, all 6ft plus of him, stepping straight out of the 60's fresh from Woodstock. He had such a chilled out vibe and so born in the wrong decade. ♥

May 26th Wednesday - 4.45pm just off Brick Lane. I haven't seen many images that reflect those that live in and around Brick Lane. This is the first for a long time.

May 27th Thursday - 5.45pm an afternoon stroll across London Bridge, a slight chill in the air as the sun appears and disappears. I spot an odd couple sitting in different parallel worlds both lost in their thoughts to everything around them.

May 28th Friday - 3.40pm - West End. MTV Castings part II. then she stepped in. V tall and didn't quite get it at first until she stood in front of the camera! POW.. ok I get it.

May 29th Saturday - Brighton Pavillion - Friends are getting married and we have come to look around and see what rooms are being used. I was like a kid let loose in a sweet shop.

May 30th Sunday - Shoreditch Station - 12noon - walking under the bridge on the wall was - 'It wont work' and on the ledge beside it was a tiny bottle of vodka. Maybe the vodka was to blame.. more vodka needed perhaps?

May 31st Monday - Storeditch Station - 3pm walking back under the same bridge I stopped and looked through the huge blue doors that hide this wonderful tunnel. Three crusifixes suspended from the ceiling and the lonesome staircase all bathed in the shaft of light. Wonder where the stairs would have led to us to?

June 1st Tuesday - Camberwell - 2.18pm - I have lived in this area for just over a year now and have only ventured into this little park twice. Strangely I forget that it is here.

JUNE 2nd - Wednesday - Shoreditch tube - I LICK ARSE CREAM..MTV an ad for MTV based losely on Die Antwoord, a South African hip hop art based group. In the blinding sun all day, cooked one side of my face

JUNE 3rd Thursday - 11.30am, Britxon Market. I love this market it is filled with life 24/7. The surrounding area is vibrant and heavily potent with various smells from the hundreds of stalls, shops and the smoking passerby.

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