Thursday, 10 February 2011


Family that are The House Of Blueeyes.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Shower'n Shave... shuktara, Kolkata India

while the boys danced and sang in the rain, the cyclone ripped up trees hurling them into the roads...

A day before their summer trip to Puri, the barber came to shave the boys. I was called to watch my camera a must! A rebirth. Clean. Fresh. New...

So thank you for allowing me to intrude with my camera but I know you did all enjoy the show!

Models.. all of you! ;) x

May 2009


"Shuktara was started in 1999 by UK-born David Earp after a visit to India. He was moved by the plight of the disabled street children he met there.

Many of the boys and girls who have come to live at Shuktara were abandoned or orphaned as young children surviving terrible hardships and discrimination of living on the streets and begging for scraps of food.

Because of their disabilities, they were written off as incapable of learning, developing as individuals or integrating into society. Their personalities and their potential were ignored.

The difference that a few years or even a few months at Shuktara makes is astounding. The boys and girls grow in every sense - physically, in confidence, in skills, in communication. Their personalities blossom, they begin to come to terms with their disabilities and to fulfil their academic potential."

Home Sweet Home

The amazing Blue-eyed baby's family.. along with Barbie

The heat of the day brings the family together in seeking out each others company in the cool breeze at the end of the day.

The girls chill out high up on the roof tops.