Tuesday, 31 August 2010

London Life....

I have lived in London now for about 18 years, coming here when I was 17 fresh out of college in Berkshire.

I can also say I have lived all over London at various times but it is only in the last few years have I actually looked at the city that has been my home for all this time.

Friday, 20 August 2010

STUDENT LIFE... Tower Hamlets Styling Course.

tutor: Giles Pearson

It's only Rock'n Roll...

Scarlett Etienne


Twin & Tonic

The Readers

The Kicks


The Bang Bang Club

Commuter Lust...

Breathless i pull open the door of the train and lunge in. bodies everywhere. Another day when the carriage is jammed full of humanity but today the heat has been unbearable and i am concious of the damp between my breasts and on the small of my back. As I pull the door shut I take in the carriage and it's inhabitants. Two men sitting side by side in grey suits take up the seat to my right - almost identical except for the change of ties and different sweep of their hair parting. they hold my attention for all of a second, if that.. I just notice that one of the men, the one nearest the window is staring intently ahead of him, almost looking though my body as i stand immediately infront of him. The seats opposites are taken up by firstly an elderly woman dressed in green from head to toe, complementary different shades of green but all green never the less..

As I shuffle into a stable position to see the second passenger, I notice first her beautiful dark red leather shoes with a slight heel that support her tiny feet and delicate legs. My eyes follow up her long shapely legs, tracing her sheer black stockinged legs higher leading me to her curvy shaped thighs which are covered by a deep, dark, rich blood red coloured skirt. Her hands sit relaxed on her lap cradling a book whose title I cannot read. I look from her lap to her face and find she is watching me, her piercing blue-green eyes not hiding her amusement having obviously watched my curious trail up her body. I feel exposed as I return her gaze and to my horror feel a blush grow up my neck and cover me within seconds. I turn my body so that I am standing now straight infront of her, careful my feet don't tread on her tiny feet. Flustered I lean over her head to hold the baggage rail painfully aware that my body is slowly becoming damp from the heat of the day. The train pulls out of the station creating a cool thick breeze from the open windows. I feel her eyes on me as my body moves in time with the train as it continues on it's journey. The carriage is filled with a dull sound of polite conversation and laughter. The murmur of a too loud ipod teases you to guess what track it is playing. My main and only concern is not to tread on those tiny feet as the train judders when it comes into the next station.

The colour in my face calms down with the cooling breeze that blows through the carriage. I am a coward and haven't looked again at her but am very aware that she is now reading, or seems to be reading. The lady in green is dozing, her head on the chair rest as are the two suited twins. I can smell a faint trace of Chanel and shampoo as I hover over her. I am so tempted to look at her again, to take in those dazzling eyes and to linger on her full red cupids lips which had not a trace of lipstick on. I feel slightly giddy as my body is suddenly on the move again as we pull out of the station. Trying to be calm I lower my eyes to see the top of her head, long dark hair cascades down her back, perfectly framing her face with long wisps of dark hair cradling her full breasts that I have just noticed. Panic suddenly rushes through me as I dread the thought of another blushing attack. Transfixed I watch her breath, the steady rising and lowering of her cleavage exposed by the low cut thin cotton black blouse she is wearing. I watch the dark soft shadows that fall on her skin created by the passing landscape. She slowly turns the pages as she reads. The train comes into the next station. The woman in green wakes as if by magic and gets up to leave the train taking with her a large number of commuters and the suited twins. As they pass me I take the seat vacated by the lady in green thinking perhaps it is better to sit next to her than opposite. As I sit, she moves slightly to allow me more space and smiles looking directly into my face.

I am hit by her total directness as she looks at me. I feel her examining my face as I have done hers. She smiles again. I feel totally utterly exposed and am first to lower my eyes from her face. I feel her still watching me, her eyes burning into my skin. I feel her eyes on my inked arms which prompts her to say " Beautiful. Your ink" - I look up again, she is still smiling at me all knowing - "Thanks, it has become kinda obsessive" I offer. Her voice hangs in my head, husky tones with a very teasing lilt. I smile back and watch her eyebrow rise. Her face is open and inviting. Images of me leaning over and kissing her jolt me into reality. 'Don't blush' screams in my head. She lifts her hand to pull her hair off her neck allowing the cool air from the open window to dry the dampness of her hot skin. I absorb everything about her from the soft wisps of damp hair that cling to her skin, the dark ruby red of her full seductive mouth to the subtle smell of salt and perfume. I have to stop every sense in my body to want to reach out and touch her.

Playtime with Marilyn Rose

The Artful Dodger

Super Hero

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Minnie gets dirty

Stylist/Designer: Giles Pearson
MUA: Pamela Cochrane
Hair: Dean Andrews
Model: Marilyn Rose