Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Life In 1


I met Scarlett a couple of years ago when she came to walk in The House Of Blueeyes show at BBB, Shoreditch - all 5' 3 of her. I remember her walking across the room and my heart missed a beat. A panther in black leather thigh high boots, mini dress and long black hair, she paced the room.

Scarlett moves like a dancer, confident, sexy and proud.

A lot has moved, changed and grown since then. Many adventures and hopefully our journey together is not over. Scarlett has become a dear friend whom I love loads.


Behind the scenes for me is the best about the catwalk. The power houses that take over and create the magical creatures that do that 3minute walk, mezmerise me. I love the colour powders, the multiple brushes, rows the bright coloured lipsticks, hair dryers and other strange twiggly things that twist and curl hair into wonderous shapes and height. The clothes in some ways for me are secondary and being at the end of the catwalk..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
the magic is behind the scenes, always


My first editorial piece and what a start.

Friday, 8 October 2010

GOOD TIMES... tattoo love

Saira Kaur Hunjan

I first met Saira possibly four/five years ago, going into a tattoo parlour in Islington with a friend who wanted to get her finger tattooed. While sitting waiting for Saira to come out from behind the blinds, I flicked through her portfolio. It was then I fell in love with Saira's work. I was overwhelmed by vibrant colours and beautiful detail that filled each and every tattoo she created. I had some disasters previously but hadn't had the courage nor felt that I wanted them 'sorted out'. On seeing Saira's work, I knew it was now time for me too to start that journey. I was ready. I now have two sleeves and a full back piece by Saira, which I cherish every day.

Nikole Lowe

Good Times owner and London Ink celeb tattooist, Nikole Lowe has been Saira's best mate for years and now they share Nikole's new studio in Curtain Road, East London.

They are a dynamic duo with the needles.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Capt. Paul James Harrowing, deceased. My dad.
He was born in Eastbourne into a large working class family - five sisters and a brother; we all have skeletons in our family closets but it seems my family is crammmmmed with them. My father was actually born to my 'Aunty Jimmy' during a time where unmarried women & pregnancy brought shame upon the entire family. He was brought up alongside his mother as siblings and his 'Mother' therefore was his grandmother, in real life. (Has it really changed much in 2010 I wonder)

My father's driving passion to learn how to fly pushed him to join the airforce and in time he was posted to Kenya, East Africa.

His love of flying was only matched by his love for sports cars. He had many in his lifetime; I just remember bright shiny people carriers that my dad washed and polished on his days off and being told to be careful with my shoes on the leather seats and the piles of shammy leather that he saved and lovingly used. I do, however remember one in particular, the amazing navy blue E-type he had, with Snoopy on the dashboard.

Anne Maive Edwina Harrowing (nee Critchell), living. Mommie Dearest. My mother too has kept much close to her chest. Born in Burma, my Grandfather from Delhi and my Grandmother, half Burmese and half from Hull, UK - she kept her 'colourful' history very much hidden from me until my sister and I found an old photo album which was filled with some of the photos of her below. An amazing collection of images that she had fought so hard to keep hidden from us. I remember sitting with my sister and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over each of the photos we found of our mother. In a panic we didn't however put the photo album exactly how we found it as we heard her car pull into the driveway. I was summoned to her bedroom late that night and was beaten for looking at it.

During the war, my mother escaped Burma with her family as the Japanese invaded moving to Delhi to wait for my grandfather, who joined them 9 months later after his own adventures walking across the boarders. Soon after the war her family moved to Kenya, East Africa as did a large number of Indian families at that time.

My mother became an air hostess and met my father, who was a pilot with East African Airways and.....

Then came me.... and then they married.

While playing with my dad, I fell off the bed banging my head quite badly but nobody thought much of it so was put to bed. In the morning, woke to find that my right eye was now squint. Operation and glasses to follow.


Not too sure how it happened but it did. Glasses.

My Darling Aunty Jimmy & I

My parents separated when I was 5yrs and I was sent to boarding school in Hastings. Being close to Eastbourne, my Aunt became my parent - my mother had no real interest in me at all and my father lived in Kenya so only saw him when my mother permitted and in the school holidays.

Jimmy bought me my first bra, took me to my first porn film and talked openly about love & relationships. I loved her to the max.

Our Great African Adventure.

Friday, 1 October 2010

KEW GARDENS... just before the leaves begin to change

I haven't been to Kew Gardens since I was at school, so am surprised that I can remember any of it all. A special day walking around the grounds with Parvin taking in all that is around us, dodging the rain.

Love this tree, I can imagine that it comes to life as the sun sets and becomes filled with fairies.

I wonder how many people have bent down to drink from here on a hot summers day.

I would have loved to have seen the wonderous Victorian women strolling along the long green lush plant lined rows, twisting their fabrics up the spiral staircase, then sweeping along the corridors.