Monday, 22 November 2010


I couldn't get over the size of the Asylum. Building after building, room after tiny room either blue or pink, corridor after corridor. There was a strange compelling beauty as we walked from room to room. The only area I really hated was the 'modernised' wing. A real feel of depression and dread. Not too sure why as I had expected to feel this more in the older parts of the buildings. It was sad to see that very little now remains of the ballroom and nothing of the hairdressers nor hospital as vandals and builders have removed and destroyed so much.

I am so glad to have seen Hellingly before the re-developers built their 'new homes' for those who are able to put aside the harrowing memories of their previous tenants.

The Ballroom - I was stunned by the massive size of this ballroom and the beauty of the ceilings. I would have so loved to have seen this room with it's shinning floors and colour filled glass windows. Oh to step back in time, would just have to be careful I wasn't the one with the very long sleeved white jacket on. I have seen a few old b&w photos of people playing an indoor game which gave me a teaser glimpse of what it must have been.

These huge window frames were lying in nearly all the stairwells, in the all the tiny cells and were nowhere to be seen the the living areas.

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Man Who Married Himself - film production stills

Oliver has a mid-life crisis, and decides to get married - to himself. This is the story of his relationship, and how he discovers some truths about life and love on the way.

Richard E Grant
Warren Clarke
Emilia Fox
Cecila Imrie

Dir: Garrick Hamm