Thursday, 3 February 2011

100 Days... part 2

JUNE 4th, Friday - 9.45am Brixton - Least we forget. When I uploaded this photograph I was taken aback by the beam of light that lights up 'Another Death In Police Custody'

JUNE 5th, Saturday - 9.15pm - Elephant & Castle: Bizarre Ball

June 6th, Sunday - 4.40pm The Bridge, Shoreditch. A quick cuppa tea and a chin wag with a friend.

June 7th, Monday, Shepherds Bush, 3.30pm - Johnny Blueeyes, of course

June 8th, Tuesday - 6.45pm, Soho - The Bang Bang Club. A record kinda gig thing down in the bowels of Freedom bar, Soho.

June 9th, Wednesday - 9.20pm. Peckham - The sun sets on a hard day, emotionally draining not that you would know from the brilliance of the skies as the day ends.

June 10th, Thursday - 5.45pm - Stoke Newington - wandering around the back streets looking at some huge houses and there she was. Snow White and her friends. High Hoe, High Hoe indeed!

June 11th, Friday - 3.40pm - Trafalgar Square. Having been thrown off the bus just after Elephant and Castle due to a bomb scare (which was not reported in the news at all for the day) I walked into town. At first had no idea what the springbok were doing eblazed against the skies then I remembered - FOOTBALL

June 12th, Saturday - 6.30pm - Hackney Wick - Band Practice. I love the madness and drama of the collective that call themselves The Readers.

June 13th - Sunday - Peckham - 7.30pm

June 14th, Monday - Monmouth Street - Launch - An amazing 60's shop launch of a new fragrance. Loved the colours and amazing designs making it all just perfect by the couple who seemed to have just walked on set from an American sit-com ' I dream of Jeannie' or'Bewitched'.

June 15th, Tuesday 3.35pm . Just off Brick Lane. Fragile Britain.

June 16th Wednesday 2.45pm. Bishopsgate. A church and small park that sits beside the station. Obviously the small park, which would have been the graveyard is now filled with office workers and tourists grasping any glimpse of sun that slithers out from behind the clouds. Two water fountains stand offering the passerby resfreshment for the day. PUSH is nearly worn away now and I wonder how many people have lent into the water fountain to drin

June 17th Thursday, 1.45pm - Columbia Road. I love these flats, always have... but HATE FOOTBALL - The only time I love the combination of colours and the St George's Cros

June 18th June Friday, 4.55pm - Evering Road, E5 - House viewing. My housemate is looking for a new home so am along to support this process. This was special. A family home filled with warmth and love. Housing various family artists from the drawings that littered the tidy rooms to the well ordered images on the walls. This was found in the 'artists' room, sitting proudly on the easel in the sunshine.

June 19th June Saturday, 9.45pm - Jazz Cafe - a night of old skool tunes.

June 20th, Sunday, 7.45pm - Hackney Wick - Dynamic Duo, Lovers and best friends. Drinks'n chats in the evening sunshine. 'I have your number!

June 21, Monday - St Martin's Lane 12noon. Shrek comes to London. Suddenly appearing is 'Shrek' upon phone boxes and bus shelters, almost un-noticed. I spotted one in Peckham too after this sighting. So am now on the look out.

June 22nd, Tuesday - off Drury Lane, 11.30am - HOLY FORTUNE... Catholic perhaps?

June 23rd, Wednesday - Ealing Broadway, 4.30pm - Two gardening cowboys next door to the Quaker Meeting House. Stranger things happen..?!

June 24th, Thursday - Ealing Broadway - 5.45pm - Richmond Sausages ad - The Brothers.

June 25th, Friday - Arlesford. 4.00pm - Richmond Sausage ad - The Girl - loved her flaming red hair and porclin skin. The town was captivating; an England I have only read about in the world created by Daphne du Maurier

June 26, Saturday - Camberwell - 2pm - the little park near me - I have only venutred into a couple of times was a great releif for me today. Tired from two long days in the heat and late nights of sorting out the images from a shoot.

JUNE 27TH, SUNDAY - Dalston, 4.30pm - I found the remains of my heart, batted and slightly mishaped with a healing hole on the pavement

June 28th Monday - Stoke Newington - 2.45pm - There is now a family of faces locked in the shed at my friends house. Strangely compelling. Loving the fact they have won an oscar for some strange drama.

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