Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Life In 1


I met Scarlett a couple of years ago when she came to walk in The House Of Blueeyes show at BBB, Shoreditch - all 5' 3 of her. I remember her walking across the room and my heart missed a beat. A panther in black leather thigh high boots, mini dress and long black hair, she paced the room.

Scarlett moves like a dancer, confident, sexy and proud.

A lot has moved, changed and grown since then. Many adventures and hopefully our journey together is not over. Scarlett has become a dear friend whom I love loads.


Behind the scenes for me is the best about the catwalk. The power houses that take over and create the magical creatures that do that 3minute walk, mezmerise me. I love the colour powders, the multiple brushes, rows the bright coloured lipsticks, hair dryers and other strange twiggly things that twist and curl hair into wonderous shapes and height. The clothes in some ways for me are secondary and being at the end of the catwalk..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
the magic is behind the scenes, always


My first editorial piece and what a start.

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