Sunday, 29 April 2012


3 motorbikes. 2 trucks. 8 days ride through Lesotho. I loved it..
the countryside filled with tiny figures who would be mezmerised by the bikes and the madness of their riders. The herdsmen would shout and wave, calling to photographed. The voices of children shouting for 'SVVEEEEETS' could be heard before I often spotted them running to the roadside.
The wet and cold some days were like the UK but only more intence. The herdsmen would only be wearing their traditional blankets, wellies and very little else. They are the Knights of Lesotho roaming the plains. Just when you think you are alone, you are not For you will find someone often standing high above you on the crags of the cliff tops.

 Women worked in the fields and on the roads.
The countryside was littered with the carcuses of many a classic car, merging into the earth and it's surroundings. Nature embracing the metal bodies of past glorious people carriers.
Black Power

The Amazing Knights of Lesotho.

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