Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Readers - Specialists in keynote, foreground and electro-acoustic sounds.

I love The Readers. Totally. Utterly.

I went to a gig of theirs' nearly a year ago now I think, mainly to support friends of mine who were involved. Not having really any idea of who or what they were,
I fell in love.

The Readers transport me to another world filled with passion, fantasy,
chaos and humour.

For me, they have the energy I felt when I bunked school to go and see some of the early punk bands. The raw energy and frantic passion that fills each performance has drawn me again and again to watch them.

Warming Up @ The Market Project



Helen Ashton – Cornet, Vocoder
Dolores de Sade – Musical Saw;
Eva Knutsdotter – Glockenspiel, Harmonic Glasses, Bells and Marimba.
Rupert Philbrick -Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Delay Units, Microkorg & Pump Organ;
Ramon Salgado-Touzon – Basso Profondo, Auto-harp, Screams and Stylophone;
Jones Tensini – Contra Tenor;
Leonardo Ulian – Deconstructed Toys, Customised Theremins, Digitalia & Vintage Electronica;
Fred Vernon - percussion

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